We expected that the current edition of the ICML conference would be in Bilbao, but finally ICML XVIII will be online, in the virtual space that we have called BILBONLINE.

We consider the possibility of holding the congress online as an opportunity, since this format allows us to weave and strengthen the virtual network of minority languages ​​of the future. From the organization we will do everything in our hands to make that happen. The fact that the congress is online does not mean that our starting objective has changed. The main goal is to be a meeting place for interdisciplinary research and to address the challenges of minority languages ​​in new multilingual contexts from different academic perspectives.

We are working to ensure that the platform we are going to use is a pleasant and useful meeting point. Likewise, we will carry out prior technical tests that guarantee a quality connection and the proper functioning of the congress. The congress will be broadcast live by streaming, and the following day it will be visible on demand.

On the other hand, in the design of the linguistic policy of the face-to-face congress in Bilbao, we bet from the beginning to offer space to the different languages ​​and to make a special effort in accessibility. In the online format we have also maintained this challenge and it can be followed in different languages, as well as sign language.

See you at Bilbonline! See you soon!