Information to register

In person and online

Registration will be the same for both face-to-face and online participation.

Registration for the congress will give you the right to:

  • Entrance to the congress
  • The possibility of following and participating in the streaming sessions, through the online platform and see the video-posters
  • The option to consult the videos, once the congress is over
  • The certificate of participation in the congress (detailing whether it has been as a main speaker, by presenting a communication or a video-poster or as an attendant)

As the date approaches, we will contact you to define whether your participation will be face-to-face or virtual. Anyway, the registration will be valid in both modalities.

Likewise, and if the evolution of the pandemic allows face-to-face meals or other types of recreational activities, the option to register and how to pay for them will be offered later.

Dates to keep in mind

  • Enrollment period: November 23 – December 14

Prices and payment

Ordinary registration: € 180

Reduced registration: € 50 (receipt requested during registration)

Students, unemployed and retired people and people who, without having to do with the academy, work in associations related to the language.

Free: € 0 (receipt requested during registration)

Registration will be free for researchers from Africa in a special attempt to give space to studies on minority languages ​​in that continent.

Payment will be made via bank transfer and the receipt must be included in the form. Data to carry out the transfer:

  • Bank account number: ES24 2095 0292 9232 3900 0206
  • Beneficiary of the account number: UPV / EHU
  • Concept: ICML + name and surname (eg: ICML-Name-Surname)

Sign language and other options

One of the questions on the registration form refers to the sign language interpreting service, both in person and online: if you choose the “Yes” option, we will contact you to clarify the details.

If you have any dietary restrictions (vegetarian option, vegan, allergies), please, indicate them through the registration form.

Please, indicate any other accessibility requirements using the form.

Start registration

For any other questions related to registration you can write to us at the following email address: